Associated Partners

Ideaborn Foundation

Founded in 2010 in Medellín, Colombia, by the consulting company Ideaborn SL (Barcelona, Spain) to complement the latter’s work of human rights awareness in the government sphere, ideaborn Foundation is a non-profit organization whose central mission it is to promote and diffuse human rights. The foundation is active in supporting the synergies between public institutions at the local level and civil society organizations.

The goal of the ideaborn Foundation is developed through actions to support vulnerable populations, governments and local organizations on issues related to access to justice, the accompaniment of the population in the knowledge of their rights, the obligations of the government. It also seeks to create synergies between alternative mechanisms of conflict resolution and ordinary justice with a view to providing a quality justice offer.

The ideaborn Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with RYF to support the implementation of its programs in Central America and Colombia.

UN Habitat

UN Habitat develops crime and violence prevention policies integrated into urban strategies and interventions, as well as the promotion of safe and inclusive public spaces. This collaboration promotes interaction and cooperation between the Ideaborn Foundation and other local and regional actors and cities, always framed within UN Habitat’s initiative of the Global Network of Safer Cities.

The RYF (previously Fondo Recuerda) has been a participating member of the Global Network of Safer Cities project since 2017. Here is the Letter of Collaboration between Ideaborn and City Labs on Safer cities in LA and the Caribbean.

Pau Casals Foundation

The Pau Casals Foundation, created in memory of the Catalan cellist of the same name, promotes programs that facilitate the access to, learning of, and enjoyment of music among young people. This experience makes the foundation an important ally for RYF program on preventing of youth social exclusion and violence in the Americas using as vector of change the practice of arts and sports.

The foundation also contributes to strengthening municipal programs and institutions dedicated to the promotion of the arts in their cities. The Pau Casals Foundation joined the RYF initiative in 2016.

Esportsalus Foundation

The Esportsalus Foundation is a Catalan foundation that addresses social needs through the design and provision of programs related to training, prevention, assistance and reintegration in the psychological, medical and social fields. The Esportsalus Foundation began collaborating on the RYF project in 2017, and its value added is critical for the Program on preventing of youth social exclusion and violence in the Americas using as vector of change the practice of arts and sports.

The foundation has extensive experience in the training of sports coaches who work with young people at risk of social exclusion, as well as working in detention centers for young people in trouble with the law.

Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

YAP is a US based nonprofit organization exclusively committed to the provision of community-based alternatives to out-of-home care through direct service, advocacy and policy change.

Their mission is to provide individuals who are, have been or may be subject to compulsory care with the opportunity to develop, contribute and be valued as assets so that communities have safe, proven effective and economical alternatives to institutional placement. They are very relevant partner for the RYF area of youth access to justice and the different programs to be developed therein.

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