Remember Youth Fund is organizing debates around contemporary challenges related to our two principle focuses of work:

Youth violence and crime prevention

Youth access to justice

The debates look to engage academics, legal experts, civil servants and other members of the public administration, as well as representatives of civil society active in the field.

Our next set of debates will be on the System of Criminal Liability for Adolescents in Colombia (SRPA).  Participants will be asked to discuss the current state of affairs of the system, its organization, goals, coordination mechanisms and financing.  Using draft working papers developed by our team in Colombia led by Nestor Raul Correa as a starting point (draft of #1 in the series is available in English and in Spanish), we will look to engage with those most involved in/with the system, to give us their unvarnished views on which aspects of the system work, which don’t work, and what reforms are needed to better guarantee access to justice and successful reinsertion for adolescents in Colombia.

For those interested in juvenile justice reform in Colombia or in the region, we would very much appreciate your inputs!  The debate will take place in Spanish from Monday the 20th July 2020 to Sunday the 20th June 2021.

Once the final draft of the working paper #2 is completed, incorporating inputs from the debates, we will publish that as well, both in English and in Spanish.  There will be five more working papers published in the coming months, each tackling specific aspects of the SRPA.  Each working paper will have a debate to garner inputs for subsequent inclusion into the final version. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Those who participate sharing their point of view in at least two questions per working paper, will have access to a certificate of participation in the debate.

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