Youth access to justice

RYF bids on public and private tenders and grants opened to improve youth access to justice and crime prevention in the United States and across the Americas.

Currently, RYF and its partners are promoting the following program in this area:

– Analysis of the juvenile criminal justice system in Colombia and proposals for its improvement:

Juvenile delinquency is a serious problem in Colombia which affects all aspects of civil society.

What brought Colombia to this point? What social values are dominant in Colombian society? What responsibility do families bear for the current situation? What has the influence of drug trafficking been? How has the armed conflict affected juvenile delinquency? What is the current state of the criminal system in Colombia for adolescents? And finally, how could the system be improved and which actors can lead the change?

RYF is preparing case studies on the current treatment of youth in criminal justice systems for proposed adoption by public administrations.

RYF Working Papers  

Working Paper Series #1 Analysis of the juvenile criminal justice system in Colombia and proposals for its improvement

  • The causes of juvenile delinquency in Colombia (1.1) coming soon
  • The prevention of juvenile delinquency: an analysis of programs. (1.2) coming soon
  • Information management in the penal system for adolescents (1.3) coming soon
  • The challenges of institutional coordination for an efficient penal system for adolescents. (1.4) coming soon
  • The responsibility of state governments and municipalities in adolescent criminal justice. (Case Study 1.5) coming soon
  • State funding of Youth Criminal Justice: its structure and challenges (Case Study 1.6) coming soon