Reasons Beyond Violence Prevention to Consider After School Programs


There are endless reasons to join an afterschool program. They present a healthy and safe environment with educational resources so students can thrive. They also provide a community of friends and a support system that will not let them falter or fail. These programs promote healthy and accelerated development into responsible youths.


Afterschool programs ensure that your child is in a safe and encouraging location. Bored or unsupervised children may develop behaviors that could be detrimental to their health. After-school programs ensure that you know where they are and that they are having safe fun. After school programs have been shown to have an impact on drug and alcohol use, discouraging students from getting involved in dangerous activities.


Afterschool programs offer knowledge and education that continues well after school is over.

These programs vary in lessons, age groups, and educational focuses. Afterschool programs can range from healthy living programs to youth leadership programs. Each program encourages the development and growth of your child. Thus, encouraging future success by learning new educational skills. Afterschool programs also increase and improve school performance aiding your child in moving and progressing at a good pace. These can include such things as improved test performance, better grades, higher quality work on homework among other things.

These programs also aid in the development of your child a student. Here they may get the attention they need to develop and understand more academic concepts. This also can help them discover their preferred learning method. These can range from visual learning, auditory learning, tactile learning, or a combination of several.


Another benefit of afterschool programs is exposing your child to an environment of like minded children of the same age. Your child can make lifelong friends in the various after school programs that can be offered. Thus, also developing their social skills and improving the quality of their interactions with others.


After school programs have also been shown to improve confidence in children, promote self-awareness and improvement of behavior. With constant social interaction, these programs build a community while allowing your child to develop their language, listening, and interactional skills. These are all vital for their development to become successful and well-rounded adults. It is important that the staff or teachers of these programs promote a safe, happy, and fun environment.

At the Y we reflect the highest possible levels of care and the promotion of healthy development that are possible. Our caretakers teach your child how to develop into well-rounded adults. Through mirroring, teaching, and the promotion of our core values, the Y is sure to provide an afterschool program that is perfect for your child’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

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