Year: 2019

An initiative guarantees access to justice from the Government

Located in Misiones, Argentina, the Secretariat of Access to Justice, Human Rights and Family Violence has been operating since 2010. Judicial dependence has the main function of assisting victims of crime. When talking about victim assistance at this point everything is included. From listening, first of all, to the knowledge of the status of the …

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“This is one way to build a safe community”

New program for Federal Way athletes aims to build character, prevent violence. Advancing As Leaders and Coaching Boys Into Men offer weekly discussions on understanding consent, healthy relationships and more. Source:

Redefining public safety. Oakland’s Restorative-Justice Hub

There are more than 3,000 local jails in the United States and another few thousand courthouses. In some people’s eyes, these institutions are monuments to public safety; to others, they represent the forces driving mass incarceration.  Source:

Jails are the front door to mass incarceration

‘What Does the World Beyond Jails and Prisons Look Like?’ The Detroit Justice Center helps the formerly incarcerated navigate the complications of their return by providing free legal services to people from four Michigan prisons. Source: